Transitory Space, Brooklyn, Prospect Park, Natural Dots I by Leah Oates
Leah Oates, Transitory Space, Brooklyn, Prospect Park, Natural Dots I (2015), Digital C-print , 16 x 24


Finding the Extraordinary

June 10 – September 4, 2015 | Opening Reception: June 10, 2015
A summer exhibition featuring photographs by Heather Boose Weiss, Jessica M. Kaufman, Danelle Manthey, Carolyn Monastra, Leah Oates and Maria Passarotti

The overarching theme of the work in Caught on Film is the notion that dualities coexist in nature. Fear and meditation / birth and death / beauty and ungainliness reveal themselves as we look and ponder our landscapes, fields, oceans and mountains, which in turn demand of us patience, reverence and respect. While the artists have traveled far afield to Antarctica, Europe, the American Southeast and beyond, they have also stayed home and examined their own backyards and woods to make discoveries about their homegrown trees, skies, waterways, fields and rocks. Work selected for this group show is drawn from the artists’ most recent bodies of work, curated to give the artists a forum to test new ideas and images both in relation to their previous oeuvres, and to the work of their peers.