Meta Strata by Tracy Silva Barbosa
Tracy Silva Barbosa, Meta Strata (2012), acrylic and mixed media, 47 x 12 inches each


The Layered & Mixed Media Paintings of Tracy Silva Barbosa & Barbara Strasen

November 7 – December 31, 2012 | Opening Reception: November 7, 2012
Life is layered. Most things are not what they seem. And if they are, there's usually another story behind what we observe on the face. Many artists choose to work in layers because it enables them to explore a complex world and respond in a way to meet life's ambiguity and juxtapositions. 

Revealed features two artists who use very different media-Barbara Strasen, digital imagery overlaid with drawings and silk screens on clear Mylar; and Tracy Silva Barbosa, photo transfer, gold leaf and acrylic paint on canvas. Both artists reveal life's intricacies, ironies and rare beauty where we least expect to find them. Revealed features eight works by Strasen and a half a dozen paintings on canvas and glass by Barbosa. 

Artist: Barbara Strasen