Always there where it can see me by Jenny Rafalson
Jenny Rafalson, Always there where it can see me (2020), Archival InkJet print, 42 x 29 inches

New Voices for the Twenties II

SEFA NYC is devoting the summer to a series of exhibitions highlighting the work of Fine Art Graduates of 2020 and 2021

July 15 – August 26, 2021 | Opening Reception: August 4, 2021
We are delighted to announce that SEFA NYC is dedicating the summer of 2021 to a series of live and virtual exhibitions featuring the work of art students who graduated with either a BFA or MFA in 2020 or 2021. The two live shows have been curated by Emily Miraglia, Gallery Associate, SEFA NYC; and the series of virtual exhibitions will be curated by a selection of international curators, critics, gallerists and art advisors.

When the pandemic caused schools across the nation to go remote in March 2020, arts institutions and departments were no exception. As students made the difficult transition to Zoom lectures and online exams, many fine arts students faced additional challenges: What space would they make work in? How could they collaborate with others? What would they do without access to usual materials and equipment? As the 2020 school year came to a close with no end to the pandemic in sight, many students realized that they could not present their final projects in the usual year-end capacity.

With a mission to turn the spotlight onto the achievements of these young artists, robbed of normal activities by COVID-19, SEFA put out a Call for Submissions in March. The day after we announced the Call, Balazs Farago, CEO of Walter’s Cube, offered his company’s software gratis to enable our gallery to expand the number of accepted applicants, both nationally and internationally. Walter’s Cube’s generous donation of its time and technology will enable us to curate a series of virtual shows in a digital duplicate of our physical space on the UWS.

We received just under 200 applications from graduates of state schools, conservatories, private colleges and universities throughout the U.S. Miraglia selected 24 artists for the two separate live exhibitions; the guest curators will draw from some 70 artists for each respective digital show.

Participating Artists

Luke Alex Atkinson, Lydia Crouse, Stella Egelja, Ana Maria Farina, Carley Gmitro, John J. Hartford, Brendan Kenny, Joshua Leff, Richard Liu, Josh Meillier and Jenny Rafalson

Walter's Cube 

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